The Cathedral and the Lady – October 2011


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Our 2011/12 season begins in medieval Paris. The cathedral of Notre Dame is not only one of the most beautiful and famous churches in the world, but has been the heart and soul of sacred music in Europe since it was built. Pérotin – considered the patriarch of polyphonic choral music – was in the cathedral’s employ in the 12th century, and he laid the musical groundwork for the Franco-Flemish composers Machaut, Binchois, and Dufay who followed him. This school spawned the early Renaissance masters Ockeghem and Josquin, and, later still and further afield, the graceful High Renaissance perfection of Victoria and Palestrina. To this day, composers (including Arvo Pärt in the present day) continue to attribute inspiration to the early days of Notre Dame, and to the beatified Virgin of its name. Ethereal polyphony and harmonies spanning nearly a thousand years evoke the splendor of the Gothic age.

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Beata Viscera

Ave Regina Coelorum

Jesse’s Speech

Agnus Dei

Riches d’Amour

D’un Autre Amer

Virgo Rosa

Rose, Liz, Printemps, Verdure

Agnus Dei

Viderunt Omnes

Alma Redemptoris Mater

Stabat Mater

Salut Dame Sainte

Tota Pulchra Es

A Hymn to the Virgin

Most Holy Mother of God

Justin’s Speech

Hymne a la Vierge

Tom’s Speech

La Llorona