Bacchanalia – March 2013

Click to view/download program PDF
Click to view/download program PDF

Gird your loins! Join Clerestory for a spring celebration of libations, love, and all things libertine in Bacchanalia. Inspired by the ancient Greek rites for Dionysus (Bacchus), these concerts will mingle songs of food, love (sex!), and of course, drink in a casual and festive fashion. This weekend, marking both St. Patrick’s Day and the traditional bacchanals, come eat, drink, sing, and be merry with the men of Clerestory.

Saturday, March 16, 8:00pm
Chorissima Hall, Kanbar Performing Arts Center

Sunday, March 17, 7:00pm
St. Mark’s Episcopal Church

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Bacche, Bene Venies

Veni Dilecte Mi

Ego Flos Campi

I Sat Down Under His Shadow

Un Jour que Madame Dormoit

Hoy Comamos y Bebamos

Down with Bacchus

Come Sirrah Jack Ho

He That Will and Alehouse Keep

Confusion to the Power of Cupid

Deh Coprite il Bel Seno

Tirsi Morir Volea

Fuggi, Fuggi Dolor

Llego Borracho el Borracho

Der Zecher als Doktrinair

The Uttermost Rim

Java Jive

That Old Black Magic

Haunted Heart

Vive L’Amour

Please Kind Sir