Inspiration II: America’s Cup

Click the picture for the America’s Cup San Francisco page.

The other major inspiration for SeaSongs is the 2012/13 America’s Cup races in San Francisco. The America’s Cup returns to the U.S. for the first time in two decades, and the already maritime-mad Bay Area will be gaga for ships, sailors, swells, and all things related to the sea. SeaSongs aims to capitalize on the zeitgeist, but also to honor the rich repertoire of choral music inspired by the sea. In addition to our own new addition of These Oceans Vast, by Eric Banks, we will sing ocean music of Monteverdi, Brahms, Milhaud, Vaughan Williams, Crabtree, and more. We hope to reprise these fall concerts with a performance next summer in conjunction with the America’s Cup finals. Perhaps Piers 27-29, which are being totally renovated and reinvigorated for the event, will have a Clerestory-sized space ready for some chanteys and SeaSongs! We’ll keep you posted.