Inspiration I: Moby Dick

SF Opera's "Moby Dick"SeaSongs had its genesis when Eric Banks was in town for our Spring 2011 Into the West concerts. He, Justin, and Jesse were talking about future possibilities, and Eric brought up a set of Hermann Melville poems he’d been interested in for a long time. Justin remembered that SF Opera was premiering Jake Heggie’s Moby Dick sometime this fall, and the SeaSongs project was born. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect–the start of our season with coincides with  the opera’s premiere. We are a featured ancillary event on the opera’s site, and you can read more about Moby Dick or get tickets here.

Although they bear no direct relation to Melville’s novel, the poems Eric set in These Oceans Vast are nautical and highly evocative of the writer’s style. Anyone who wrestled the great white whale in high school literature classes will feel eddies of Melville in these poems, and will hopefully be inspired to revisit this giant in American literature.